Our Story

In 1915 the Kocache family began its industry by selling Persian carpets in Syria.
By 1952 this industry had expanded to Beirut, Lebanon, and has since progressed into a multi-brand boutique offering complete interiors solutions.

Evolving with the time and market trends, the family began to extend beyond carpets by providing a wide selection of high quality fabrics and premium brands with the product offering; including, carpets, fabrics with upholstery, curtains, wallpaper, trimmings, and parquet floorings.

To this day our family still strives to offer quality products, but more importantly, our goal is to offer you quality service. Whether personal assistance from us directly to you, professional advice, supplies or installations; when you choose Kocache you do not only choose interiors, you choose family.

Kocache Interiors: You Inspire, We Reflect.